EcoVillage Low Impact Sustainable Development Agency

Monday, May 25, 2015

Onward and Upward!

 Press forward.  Do not stop, do not linger in your journey, but strive for the mark set before you. ~ George Whitefield
 "Going Main Stream ~ Ecovillages have to date been developed and built by groups of people rather than traditional developers. This human aspect is an important part of creating community and “glue” in a settlement as opposed to just building a new suburb with buildings but no “soul”. The mainstream adaptation of the ecovillage concept will require a reorganisation of the traditional thinking of the building industry. We need smaller firms — with more flexible, more ecological methods — which accept the idea of co-designing settlements with their future inhabitants. The role of architects and public authorities must also change to support participatory processes and to accommodate such things as compost toilets, more flexible zoning laws, local renewable energy and local biological wastewater treatment. These shifts need a change in mentality but pose no great difficulties. The technologies are all well known in ecovillage circles, but seldom in traditional consulting engineering firms."  Ross Jackson - The Ecovillage Movement
It has been 4 years since this page was created and in that time our efforts to import the protocol and criteria established by the Lammas EcoVillage in Wales into the United States have been slowly but surely progressing forward.  
Our team left N. California in 2013 to establish our base in Colorado for several strategic reasons relating to the demographics, geography, political environment, and economics.  Although establishing the agency in code and zone tough California would have had its advantages the disadvantages of our efforts being marginalized nationally as just another weird 'California thing' weighed in heavy on our final decision.  
Colorado has always been a place nationally respected and to make low impact sustainable development a reality in this country we adhered to the commonly known business adage of "location, location, location".  We are based on the Western Slope where agriculture and rural community reigns supreme and geographically we are positioned in a climate and elevation that has good 'challenges' that can put permaculture design principles to the test. 
Colorado has a healthy community of conservative yet open minded realists that are not afraid to question and have enough common sense to test the answers before accepting them as fact.  Economically it is depressed enough to see the need for new solutions to our current economic issues yet the depression is being met a resourceful and tenacious spirit that is common to mountain folks.  
We have our sights set on a 'place' that can serve as an education center and headquarters for establishing the agency and we are in the first stages of fundraising for the project.  With good timing and community support our next posts on this blog will hopefully reflect the good news of moving forward.   
Onward and upward!  

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Here is where it will all begin - the documentation of the official importing of the protocol's and criteria for Low Impact Sustainable Development (EcoVillage) into the United States that has been established in Wales, UK from the ground up planning permissions that were obtained by the Lammas EcoVillage.  

The Low Impact Sustainable Development Agency will be established to serve as the first community action agency that will import, adapt, and translate the volumes of documentation that the Lammas EcoVillage has made available through their successful efforts.

Our first goal is to solidify partnerships and target appropriate 'place'/land where the agency and training center can establish itself.  We will be having discussions with local land owners and building/planning professionals seeking their endorsement and support of this historical effort.

This blog is being established to document our efforts and process. More coming soon so sign up for our email list to stay updated on the unfolding historical efforts that will lead us all forward into a practical and sustainable world.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome to the EcoVillage Low Impact Sustainable Development Agency Blog

The goal set forth on this day is to establish an agency to make low impact sustainable development (EcoVillages) the new norm of community development by 2020.

Inspired by the precedent set by the Lammas EcoVillage in Wales it is the intent of this agency to import the criteria and protocols established and approved by the Welsh Government in 2008.